The Best Cheese Dips

February 1, 2018

I have tasted and cooked so many cheese dips, you wouldn’t believe it. Apparently, I am a sucker for cheese dips. I don’t want to call myself an expert, but well …. I am. Just kidding. I’m just a regular cheese and dairy lover with a lot of practice eating delicious cheese dips. With the Super Bowl coming up this Sunday, I wanted to show you my favorite three cheese dips. I am careful using superlatives like ‘the best’, but in my humble opinion, these are the best cheese dips. Why else would I’ve posted them on the blog?


So here you go: My 3 favorite cheese dips.


1. Quick and easy cheese dip

Quick Cheese Dip Recipe

This is my super easy go-to cheese dip that I make really often. I’d say at least every other week. It’s perfect if you ran out of salsa but still want to dip your plain tortilla chips into something delicious. Or are you one of those weird people, who dare to eat their tortilla chips just plain, without any salsa? You will most likely have all 4 ingredients that you need on hand and the dip is ready in 5 minutes. This quick cheese dip is also the perfect cheese sauce for nachos, if you add a little more milk. I often add a pinch of cayenne pepper, paprika, or hot sauce to mix it up. Also, you can use almost any cheese you like: I usually opt for sharp cheddar or mozzarella. Buy shredded cheese if you want a super lazy cooking experience. Oh, and in case you do have a lot of time to spend: Try these fluffy pretzel bites. >> Go to recipe

2. Onion, bacon, and beer cheese dip

Bacon Beer Cheese Dip with Pretzel Bites

If I want a cheese dip that is supposed to be kind of fancy, like for the Super Bowl or a special movie night, I’ll make this cheese dip with onions, bacon, and beer. It’s a bit more effort to make since you have to cut the onion and bacon and it will take some time for the cheese topping to melt in the oven, but it’s worth all the effort. I simply can’t get enough of this addictive taste. I guess it’s the bacon ;-) You can adapt it to make a vegetarian version too. Simply add a little more onion and you might use some additional seasoning (salt and black pepper will do). My fluffy pretzel bites are perfect for dipping. But if you don’t have time, tortilla chips are great too.  >> Go to recipe

3. Creamy buffalo chicken dip

Creamy Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

Ok, this buffalo chicken dip is a game-changer. Being European, I only got to know this dip when I moved to the US a few years ago. The added pulled chicken got me by surprise. First, I thought it’s weird to find chicken mixed into a cheesy dip. But after a few bites, I didn’t want to stop. And this comes from a person, who doesn’t particularly like chicken (or meat in general). I prepared it for my food column on US food for a Viennese daily recently, and made a big batch, about 10 servings. But do you know what we did? Instead of inviting friends over to share this delicious super creamy dip, David and I dipped the entire batch on four consecutive evenings by ourselves. And still, I am by far not fed up and could dip it right now. >> Go to recipe

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