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Super Soft Lemon Loaf Cake

June 4, 2024

This extra moist and fluffy lemon loaf cake is better than Starbucks! It’s unbelievably soft and tender with a fresh lemon flavor. It doesn’t need any icing. Just enjoy it plain!

Creamy Asparagus Pasta

April 11, 2024

This green asparagus pasta recipe has a lusciously creamy, cheesy sauce with a hint of lemon for a bright and fresh taste. Make it in less than 25 minutes for a weekday dinner or a fancy date-night!

Hush Puppies with Dipping Sauce

March 1, 2024

This is my favorite hush puppy recipe! They are crisp and golden on the outside and light on the inside. I love them with dipping sauce as an appetizer but they also make a great side dish for almost any meal.

Chili con Carne with Beer

December 22, 2023

This stout chili con carne is pure comfort food. It’s great for crowds and it tastes even better the next day when reheated – so it’s a genius stress-free make-ahead recipe. The dark beer adds that something special to every bite. It’s freezer-friendly too!

Tall Blueberry Muffins (Bakery Style)

October 6, 2023

I considerer these to be the perfect blueberry muffins. The texture of the muffins is super soft and light, the taste is fruity with hints of butter and vanilla. The streusel topping takes these muffins to the next level. Of course, they also taste great without the crunchy topping but the streusel adds extra texture and taste, which makes them irresistible. Recipe for blueberry muffins with streusel As always, you… continue reading »

Stovetop Shakshuka with Fresh Tomatoes

September 12, 2023

Recipe for creamy stovetop Shakshuka with fresh tomatoes – no oven needed! If tomatoes are not in season, I use canned tomatoes. It only takes 30 minutes and the dish is made in one pan (don’t we all love one-pot meals?).

Apricot Dumplings with Potato Dough

August 16, 2023

Family recipe for apricot dumplings made with an easy potato dough. They are fruity, low in added sugar, yet still sweet and so juicy and delicious!

Easy Raspberry Friands (muffin tin, no mixer)

July 12, 2023

Recipe for super soft raspberry friands, made in a muffin tin. Simple, fuss-free, and fool-proof! You can use any fresh or frozen berries, or other seasonal fruits.

Hugo Cocktail – with Prosecco or White Wine

June 28, 2023

Hugo is the younger, hipper cousin of the Aperol spritz. The refreshing and bubbly Italian cocktail contains prosecco (or white wine), elderflower syrup, soda water, mint, and lime. It’s the perfect summer drink!

Elderflower Syrup without Citric Acid

June 14, 2023

This recipe for elderflower syrup doesn’t require citric acid – just lemons. It will keep 1 year. The only ingredients needed are elderflowers, sugar, water, and organic lemons. The syrup is perfect to dilute with water (at a 1:10 ratio) for a summerly, non-alcoholic beverage, or in cocktails like Hugo.

Quick Austrian Egg Dumplings – with Video

May 26, 2023

Easy to prepare Austrian egg dumplings (Eiernockerl). You just need a bowl and spoon to make them. Ready in 20 minutes with 4 ingredients. The dish is one of the most popular vegetarian meals of the Viennese cuisine.

The Best Easter Recipes

April 4, 2023

Easy and delicious Easter recipes, from homemade Easter bunny rolls to traditional Austrian braided yeast breads. The perfect recipes for Easter breakfast and brunch.