Upcoming cooking class: Austrian Cuisine

May 18, 2017

Are you interested in learning how to make cheese spaetzle and apple strudel from scratch?


Do you live in the Boston area? Then come and join my upcoming class about Austrian Cuisine at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education in Cambridge, MA.

Austrian cuisine: Apple strudel & cheese spaetzle

Date to be announced.

Update: This class is cancelled due to moving to Austria. I’ll miss teaching at the CCAE :-(

Learn how to make Apple Strudel from scratch

This class will bring you right into the heart of European cooking tradition. Austrian and Viennese cooking is well known around the globe. In this class, we will prepare an authentic Austrian three-course menu. You will learn from me, an Austrian native, how to shape dumplings for a classic semolina dumpling soup, and how to make pasta from scratch for cheese spaetzle with bacon and caramelized onions – a dish from the Alps. For dessert, we will prepare Vienna’s signature dish: apple strudel. Learn how to make the pastry dough from scratch, to prepare the filling, and the nuts and bolts of rolling everything into a perfectly flakey strudel. To register hop over to the CCAE site.


If you have any questions, please let me know.

To register hop over to the CCAE site.

Update: This class is cancelled due to moving to Austria. I’ll miss teaching at the CCAE :-(


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2 thoughts on “Upcoming cooking class: Austrian Cuisine

  1. Christine Sforza

    Hello there!
    My mother was born in 1928 in Burgenland, in south east Austria. Her mother was a cook by trade and could lob a doorknob into a hot oven and it would come out delicious. Perhaps this is a small exaggeration, but I mean to say that anything our sweet, modest grandma cooked or baked was heavenly delicious. WE were very fortunate to have grandma around for so long and learned so many things from her and to see her make pulled dough for strudel by hand. I now have her strudel cloth, the one she used to prepare the dough so that she could see the pattern evenly underneath and know it was thin enough.
    Mom’s specialties were plumb swetchken and rich, tiny croissants wrapped around nut and apricot fillings. We called them kipferls but they are actually similar to ruggelach. We kids fought mock battles for these delectable treats.
    I hope you will be offering these classes ONLINE, as we live all over now but not in Boston, unfortunately. Both my sister and I and one of our brothers are interested in online classes in Austrian cuisine and we hope you will not be concentrating just on Viennese or northern cuisine, as it is so close to German cuisine. When I visited Vienna, I found none of the traditional foods that we enjoyed in grandma’s home, as prepared by her mother in Kukmirn, Burgenland.
    My mouth still waters…

    1. Ursula Post author

      Hello Christine,
      Your grandma’s cooking and baking sounds delicious! Every region in Austria (as well as in Germany, Hungary,…) has its own traditions, so I do understand your disappointment when you haven’t been able to find the kind of food you were used to, in Vienna. I myself am a huge fan of Nusskipferl (walnut kipferl) ;-) I’ve been offering cooking classes at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education in Cambridge only in person and not online. I’ve moved back to Austria one week ago, I haven’t even had time to break the news here on the blog, so I naturally had to stop teaching. An online class would be a great addition, I have to admit that. If I’ll ever offer one, you are the first one to know, I promise. Best, Ursula


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