The authors


Lil Vienna’s souls, virtual mayors, treasurers and strategists are true Austrians, living in and loving Boston’s quiet neighbor Cambridge.

Ursula Schersch Ursula’s the soul of Li’l Vienna, future mayor and head chef. She’s a journalist on a (food) mission. Wrote a lot of articles on health and food for a large Viennese newspaper (, all in German though. She sees herself more like a princess than a queen, because queens are old and mean. She would make a great mayor.

David Lilvienna.comDavid’s helping out on ideas and stuff. Besides the Li’l Vienna mission, he’s doing some rocket science at MIT. Btw, he doesn’t like having his picture taken.

Oh, and if you find weird spelling or grammar, that’s totally on purpose. It creates that unique foreign/European vibe ;-) But if you insist, you can please contact us, and the mayor will gladly arrange according changes (or not ;-).

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