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Fermented Tomato Peach Salsa (beginner-friendly)

July 26, 2020

My favorite homemade fermented salsa – ready in 2 days. For this salsa, you don’t need any fermentation skills, nor special equipment or any starter culture. Just veggies and salt, that’s it. It is super easy to make! This fruity salsa with tomatoes pairs well with just about anything – think cheese boards, tortilla chips or for BBQ. Fermented Tomato Peach Salsa (beginner-friendly) was last modified: September 2nd, 2020 by… continue reading »

Green Spring Tacos with Curried Chickpeas

June 6, 2017

These tacos are simply amazing. They are not only colorful and delicious but also come together in a few minutes.   Have I ever mentioned that tacos are my favorite way of using up any leftovers from the fridge? You can any ingredients if you don’t have the mentioned ones hand. No radishes? Simply use carrots, microgreens or any other crunchy veggies. No chickpeas? Use beans of any kind: red,… continue reading »

Quick Pickled Onions, 3 Ways

October 25, 2016

It  feels like I wrote my last blog post ages ago. Well, I had some very busy and not so busy weeks recently. First, the reason why I was pretty busy was because I prepared my first ever cooking class. I taught a class about Austrian cuisine at the Cambridge Center for Adult education here in Cambridge, MA … which was awesome. Honestly. Usually, I hide behind my laptop writing… continue reading »

Black Bean, Mango, and Arugula Tacos

June 6, 2016

These Tacos are perfect for when friends come over. Everybody can assemble his own tacos according to the personal preferences, and the preparations are finished in a couple of minutes. Yes, really! And if you don’t feel like making your own white bean dip (it’s really quick and easy though), you can use a store-bought spread like hummus instead. I love the combination of warm and cold, of savory and… continue reading »

Loaded Nachos

January 29, 2015

Some food is literally made to be eaten in front of the TV. I am usually not a fan of this habit (at least if I’m in company), but these loaded nachos are definitely one of these foods. It just feels wrong, sharing and eating, while sitting up straight on a chair. There may be only one exception, where nachos are good to eat while sitting on furniture, made of wood: in a bar,… continue reading »