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Homemade Lilac Syrup

May 21, 2018

Lilacs make one of the best syrups I’ve ever tasted. They are so fragrant and full of spring flavors that they go with a lot of different dishes and drinks. Simply add a spoonful of lilac syrup to sparkling water and it will elevate your drinking experience drastically. The syrup also pairs very well with gin and vodka, just saying. And, it makes a great syrup for pancakes or for… continue reading »

Homemade Elderflower Syrup

May 24, 2017

Making elderflower syrup at home is easy and you will get the best result – you only need 2 days and some elderflower blossoms. Growing up in Austria means growing up with elderflower syrup. Either store-bought or homemade, almost everybody has a bottle of elderflower syrup ready to use. Mostly, people are using it to make a non-alcoholic beverage, adding some tap water or seltzer to make it a low-sugar… continue reading »