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Why isn’t there a Li’l Vienna? It’s delicious, kind of European, and the perfect place to stroll around. In Li’l Vienna, there truly is something for everyone.


So, how do you start a new community? That’s easy: with food. And to be honest, that’s probably already enough, no one needs the folksy, nationalism stuff :-). There won’t be many rules in Li’l Vienna, except probably that prices are quoted including tax, all the time.


However, building up a neighborhood apparently isn’t that easy, buildings and stuff are pretty expensive :-), so that’s why we start up with a blog first, posting recipes and visions for everyone, working on our joint dream. But like Austria, Li’l Vienna is pretty tiny; that’s why this blog also covers recipes from the U.S. and the entire world :-).


We hope you share our dream of a vibrant future Viennese neighborhood with delicious food. Enjoy the recipes, movement and founder’s vibe until then. Li’l Vienna could be everywhere. There should be a little Vienna everywhere.

Let’s raise the Viennese Kaiser roll banner together. May it fly from the tallest buildings!


Ps: In case you didn’t get it: We are kidding about building a Little Vienna in the Boston area. Just saying. It’s only an idea for a blog. We thought, we owe you this explanation after several people have seriously asked us about this.



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Oh, and check out the 2014’s 2015’s 2016’s “The Economist” ranking on most liveable places, must be because of the food…

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